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Floatation and hypnagogic imagery

Floatation and hypnagogic imagery

Before I talk about floatation I want to talk about close eyes visual first.

I never told people about hypnagogic imagery before and most people will think it’s just a daydream or a dream of such. Which is totally different. I also never told anyone cause they will find me weird and even I felt weird for not knowing what these ‘vision’ are.

The first time I heard about hypnagogic imagery is when I first met Si-Ji, he was telling me these amazing ability that human can achieve with their own mind, and he also want to have hypnagogic imagery and be a lucid dreamer. 

I guess I want to talk him out of it. That it’s best to be normal then to be different.

I don't see hypnagogic imagery all the time it is ‘very rare’, I told him one of the hypnagogic imagery I had in the past.

One time I was about to have a nap and I closed my eyes. Everything was near enough black/dark but with the room light on, casting a bit of light on my eye lids. I wasn't trying to see anything or force on any image in mind. I saw something appearing, it wasn't clear but as I focus on this thing/object the colour and shape started to emerge. How I can describe it is that it looks like honeycomb, the hexagonal shape and the colour is somewhat yellowy/mustard colour (still trying to see from the darkness). I also notice there is another shape/figure on the right side. I then tried to focus on what the heck this thing is. It look like some kind of organism. As I focus on the shape it started to become more visible and my view point slowly expanded. But then this thing started to move and wiggle!! I got so scared that I immediately open my eyes (not asleep) but I want this image to disperse. The organism that I saw seem to be a fetus of some s
ort. (what does this mean?!)

(I’m sure if I told anyone this, they would not believe me. Or I’m trying to be special in some way. And if I told a doctor I bet he think I have some kind of phobia, regarding fetus and I know that whatever this is, no one can explain it to me what these visions are)

Si-Ji was the first person I told this to (as he brought up the topic). He was very excited Don’t you want to know what it is??. I prefer not to know.. I said.

Si-Ji shown me many links and video of sensory deprivation. I came to understand what hypnagogic imagery is and it’s nothing to be afraid of, more then anything it should be celebrated.

I decided to try floatation. It’s floating on warm water in darkness with no sound, total solitude (in a boxed room), with no clothing. It sound erm.. scary but it's really safe.
You have your own room to change with a shower and I tank box with water which you can go in and out as you please.

My first float I didn’t see much, maybe little lights, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was dark, I felt like I was in a cave. I felt calm that nothing matters, no worries or stress, I felt really relax, it didn't even feel like I was in a tank nor in London.

My second float I did see a vision. The tank was all dark, just about 8 min in I saw a beautiful, small, white circle glow. I focus on this circle and it came in and out of my sight a few times. The only way I can describe this beautiful white light is the crescent 
of the moon. The darkness has a few dark shade. It’s as if the darkness were clouds, that covers the moon but I know that the moon is still there because the light of the moon pierces through the dark clouds, just like the actual proper moon you see in the sky. The moon slowly moves downward and the dark cloud move across it. It was a beautiful and peaceful sight. It was not something I can control, but I just admire the view I can see. I got distracted by thinking of the outside world and the moon disappeared *whimper*.

I only had two float sessions, it was different and I enjoyed it, I don’t go all the time but more of a treat. Floatation is kind of pricey so whenever they have an offer I jump at the chance. 
The one I go to is in London called Floatopia, they have offers now and then, so if anyone who lives in London or visiting there and want to have a try or give it a go? It's not only for close eyes visual, it can be a place to relax and de-stress.

In the meanwhile
It takes longer for Si-Ji to see any visual imagery so he uses the cheap route and eat cheese. He said he saw some fractals (nature's golden ratio), oh and it's a certain time of day it's best to eat cheese (don't ask me but that's what he said). 

I also mention to him that there is a myth that eating cheese before you sleep gives you nightmare, that's what I read, from a book called 'This book will change your life'. It's a very amusing book I borrowed from a friend.

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